A global education gap in automation

A global ABB survey of 2,301 education providers reveals a significant education gap in the skills necessary for re-shoring, near-shoring, and automation to succeed.

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80%: Education professionals say robots, automation will shape the future of employment during the next 10 years

Only 1 in 4 education establishments use robots in teaching programs

74% of European, 70% of U.S. businesses plan to re-shore or near-shore operations to build supply chain resilience in response to labor shortages, the need for a more sustainable global footprint, global uncertainty

75% of European, 62% of U.S. businesses plan to invest in robotics & automation in the next 3 years to facilitate the shift in operations

Benefits of using robots in education

65%: Equipping young people with technology skills

62%: Breaking down gender barriers

56%: Addressing skills & future labor shortages

52%: Encouraging new ideas

46%: Help develop collaborative skills

Key skills taught with robots

  • Programming
  • Collaboration
  • New production techniques
  • Research & problem solving

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Source: ABB

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