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Integrated pressure switch feature for pressure sensors


Integrated pressure switch feature for pressure sensors

An integrated pressure switch feature with three threshold pressure modes is now part of NimbleSense’s architecture, a system-in-a-sensor, application-specific pressure sensor platform. Customers have an option to integrate the switching feature into Superior Sensor Technology’s pressure sensors, eliminating the cost of an external switch and improving performance with faster response times. The pressure switch capability also maximizes design flexibility, reduces PCB board space, lowers power consumption, and minimizes product design complexity and manufacturing costs.

Differing from other external pressure switches, this integrated switch is designed with three modes for setting threshold pressure, providing customers full implementation flexibility. Modes include a Fixed Mode set specific to the manufacturer’s application, a Variable Mode 1 the manufacturer sets during production, and a Variable Mode 2 that’s field programmable using software.
December 2022
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